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Our signature blend, made with the finest beans from Tanzania, is the perfect example of the rich, full-bodied flavour that only Africa can give. The 'champagne' of coffee, Tanzania Peaberry is a unique and highly regarded coffee variety. It has a distinctive flavor profile and much care is taken in its cultivation and processing. It is highly regarded by coffee connoisseurs and is sought after for its unique taste.


Tanzania Peaberry isn't just a beverage; it's an immersion into a world where every sip tells a story—a story of the warmth of the sun, the rhthym of the land and the hands that crafted it. What sets it apart from other coffee types is the "peaberry" characteristic, which refers to the shape and development of the coffee bean. In most coffee cherries, two flat-sided beans grow within a single fruit. However, in the case of peaberry coffee, only one of the two beans is fertilized, resulting in a single, rounded bean in each cherry. Resulting in a exceptional flavor profile.

It often features bright and lively acidity with a range of fruity and citrusy notes, including flavors like black currant, lemon, and other tropical fruits.

Tanzania Peaberry (M)

  • Chocolate, brownsugar with some fruity notes and sometimes a hint of cedar. 

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