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Roots in our community, Roots in our beans.
Hello, we are Sam and Mat. We are passionate about coffee and the people behind it. Our story and love for coffee and community is a blend of our two very different worlds: A cozy little town in the Cariboo where Sam grew up and the beautiful vibrant country Tanzania where Mat is from. Mats grand parents own a Coffee Farm & Mats mum grew up picking coffee and helping out with the family business. This connection to the source amplifies our dedication to farmers, their families, and the communities we engage with. We share a strong belief in ethical and sustainable practices and we carry that into all we do. Our name, 'Kahawa', comes from the Swahili word for coffee, and serves as a reminder of Mats roots and our values.

Direct Trade
Our mission is to produce the best quality coffee while supporting sustainable agriculture and ethical business practices. We take our responsibility to the planet and the people who work with us very seriously. That’s why we only source our beans from importers who share our values and work to ensure transparency throughout the entire process.

Small Batches
The best coffee comes from small batches. We take pride in roasting our coffee beans in small batches, to ensure the highest quality. Our passion for coffee means we care about the entire process, from selecting the best beans to roasting them to perfection.



Quesnel, British Columbia





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